Procuring the Hardware

One may need some or all of the components listed below to carry out the experiments explained in the book:
1. Arduino Uno
2. Components required to build the shield
3. External actuators that work with the shield
4. Components required for the breadboard based experiments

We now provide an approximate cost of the above parts, mainly to keep a beginner informed. Because of the fluctuations in exchange rates, and the availability issues, pricing could change considerably.

Item Cost (in INR)
Arduino Uno 675
Components for the shield. 350
External actuators (motor, motor driver, servo motor) to work with the shield 400
Half breadboard 250
Components that go with the breadboard 700

With the components and the Gerber file mentioned, it should be possible to create the PCB, and solder the components, so as to arrive at the shield. This is the least expensive option.

The readymade shield is also available on E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart, in the name of Ecolight® Sensor Shield V-1.2 Compatible with Arduino Uno R3.


The latest information on Procuring the Hardware is available at One could also contact us at, but the response could be slow.